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The satisfaction of our users is important to us.  We are pleased that our greatest accolades come from the day to day users of our program. We thought you'd be interested in reading what some of our users have been saying about FolderMatch...(and the FolderMatch Support Team)

You can also view a demo to see how easy it is to use. 

Staff's Favorite Quotes: 

"FolderMatch is indispensable for my business."  With multiple backup copies of files scattered around my computer and networked drives, it doesn't take long for clutter to pile up. FolderMatch is an efficient, easy to use tool for consolidating files and deleting unnecessary duplicates. I couldn't do without it. This company is very responsive to customer inquiries and works hard to maintain good rapport."


"I have tried several other sync packages and feel that while they seem to have some good features, they fall short in ease of use. One look at FolderMatch told me that a lot of good thought went behind the design of the user interface. Your selections of the "Method" to synchronize is crystal clear and provides users with an extra level of confidence that the software is going to do the option that you want. With your competitors, I'm never sure if the synchronization is really going one-way."
Lee Rautenberg - 
Creator of the pcANYWHERE software
*pcANYWHERE is a trademark of Symantec Corp

"I used to work at LapLink where I helped conceive some of the folder cloning capabilities, and so I appreciate all the flexibility that your software provides.  Most synchronization programs don't "get it" and bring back unwanted orphans."

"Absolutely indispensable"  Four years ago I searched for a program to synchronize files between my desktop and laptop computers, and this program was the only one with the features I needed. I still appreciate how fast and easy  FolderMatch is to use. Provides plenty of options so you can zero in on just the files you want to synchronize. I use it on my home network, and then take my laptop to work and synchronize folders on my other various computers and network hard drives using FolderMatch from my laptop. An excellent tool!


"Powerful yet east to use - a hole in one!"  Great for synchronizing photo files, use the "contents" compare method to be sure the files match after moving or copying.  ...Highly recommended for Photographers with lots of digital photo files to track and backup

"If you need to clean up multiple, random copies of "stuff" (tech term) look no further - this is nirvana! "
Does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do, WOW, how novel! It is extremely fast, very intuitive and downright FUN to use 'cause I've been putting off cleaning up all my stuff (2 int & 4 ext HDD's, thumb drives, etc) for way, way too long.

Product is flawless. Works great on Win 7 64 ultimate. The best of the best though is their customer service! Quick and accurate responses every time...
ATC Buff

My programmer missed some important files during a server migration. FolderMatch restored the missing files from the old server within minutes. Great product! Highly recommended.

Great tool for synchronizing files, folders, drives.  Intuitive interface. Can easily manage how the results are displayed. Flexible criteria and compare options. Appears to be much faster than some of the other products I tried. Works with local, mapped, and networked drives.
B. Snyder

If you want to quickly and easily compare your folders and drives, and compare files, I can't imagine anyone developing a simpler, more effective solution than FolderMatch. It is totally worth every cent.
Jules Brenne

This program has saved me hours (if not days) of work. A while back Windows decided to corrupt a lot of my data on my 2nd disk during an UNSCHEDULED disk check. DO NOT USE FILE INDEXING! (if the index gets corrupt, your data is hosed... Anyway, I recover all the deleted data to a specified folder using another program. This left me with a very large amount of files that may or may not be duplicates when included with the data that was still existing on the disk. Now my data was taking up 500GB instead of 250GB. This would have taken me weeks to sort through. The Find Duplicate Files feature let me scan all my had disks and showed me which files were duplicates. I simply let it delete all the duplicates it found in the "recovery" folder restoring my disk space, and leaving me with less to sort through. I also use this program to backup, and sync my USB Memory Stick, and to view the actual differences in text files. Like I said...WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!


"I have tried the LapLink program, and it does indeed allow me to easily update my files through USB, but their software program leaves much to be desired when compared to FolderMatch!  I wish that Laplink would have purchased the rights to FolderMatch for about a million dollars!  Perhaps you would have liked that too?! "                                            
Stephen M.

"I downloaded your product and was impressed with its overall ease of  use, speed in calculating file differences and stability while running in a  Windows 2000 RC2+ environment. "  "I played with your new version of FolderMatch 3.0.0 and found it to be stable, nice looking graphically, and quick at analyzing file differences compared with other synchronization software that I have used....I really enjoyed using your software.  It offers several improvements (especially the advanced detection of file differences) over the other products that I currently use.

I love FolderMatch…I feel FolderMatch is the best, by far.    I have been a registered user of this application for four years; it's one of my favorite PC applications and I feel it amply deserves all the awards it has earned over the years. As as I'm concerned it's by far the best PC file synchronization application out there!
Andre B

This is an awesome program.  I have so far deleted 675GB of duplicate data!
Travis S.

I'm a long-time FM devotee and am very pleased to see that you are continuing to develop FM. Microsoft still didn't get it right with Vista, so we need you!  
Miles O.

"This software appears to be far  more capable than others of it’s type! I’m finding it very useful."
Anthony Z.

Folder Match is a world class product.  I actually use it  from a Windows XP instance that I run on a virtual machine on a  MacBook Pro to compare folders between the Mac partition and some Windows servers.
John T.

"great program"  

I have downloaded this program, was looking for duplicates in several backups i made (10GB each). First I ran into an error but techsupport at foldermatch sent me a patch the same day and everything worked fine. This is the only program you need for comparing and synchronizing directories and removing duplicates. It has a very nice interface, no need for the help section, very intuitive, and the most important thing for me, when deleting duplicates, you can choose which ones where to delete, for example, delete only the dulicates occurring in this main directory and keep them in this one. Many options for this available in a pull down menu. I love it, no need for any of the other synchronizing programs, CNET should review this one immediately! 

CNET User Review

 My programmer missed some important files during a server migration. FolderMatch restored the missing files from the old server within minutes. Great product! Highly recommended.

CNET User Review

This is one of the few shareware programs I would pay for. I needed to backup my data files selectively for certain folders and subfolders. I wantoed to be able to have usable copies of everything on two separate disks but did not want to create a complex set of backup rules. FM worked like a charm. I found it easy to use and extremely flexible in how it handles different types of comparisons and syncronization. 
Eric M
 File Transit site

 "FolderMatch has not not let me down yet. The Seagate utility supplied w/ Windows gave ME FITS ON A REGULAR BASIS."
Jim C
 "I love your product.  I have been wasting hours every week fighting with LapLink to keep my laptop and desktop computers synchronized.  LapLink would take forever to get ready to synchronize and then fail and I would have to start all over.  FolderMatch NEVER fails when I'm doing a network sync.  And it's fast!"
Tom Camargo
Kudos for Customer Service:
"I'm pretty impressed by the quality of your service, as this is the first time I send a query on a Sunday and receive an answer the same day: I greatly appreciate!"
Omar B
"It's been a time saver and couldn't live without" 
Before using this product I had to do everything manually between computers on the network, file by file. FolderMatch saves me countless hours everyday. 

"Best program I ever downloaded !"

This is a "MUST HAVE" utility ! It works perfectly (as described), and is VERY easy for the novice to learn to use. My interest was getting rid of duplicate files. The program does a WHOLE LOT more, however, and it is capable of some AWESOME stuff! Remember all those JPG images whose names you changed? No problem. This bad boy will find duplicate files EVEN IF THEY HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES! REALLY! I simply cannot recommend this program highly enough.

Scott from Maine - Cnet

... I have been very impressed with FolderMatch.  Based on my experience with it, I would not hesitate to try any other utilities you might have.  Thanks again for the great  work.  Companies like yours make computing more enjoyable (which I can't say for most software vendors).

Greg B

An excellent program that I recommend (and will continue to do so) to anyone that wants to clean up and organize their hard drives and files! 

Mark H.

Just wanted to add my praise for FolderMatch.  After many years and many computers I had thousands of files on floppies, Jaz drives, CD-R's, multiple PC's, and all over the place.  Duplicates aplenty and a huge job to organize.  FolderMatch made the job much much easier.  I use it constantly. It's a joy to find those rare gems of software that actually do one specific job excellently.

   Jay T

I’ve been testing your program for the past few weeks as a means of synchronizing files between a desktop and laptop computer. It works just as advertised. Before licensing it I did an intensive search of the web for a better alternative. I downloaded two other programs. Neither of them performed up to FolderMatch standards. Thanks for a great program. 

Robert A.
University of South Carolina

FolderMatch's comparator, is by far the very best I know of.  All comparator's, including UltraEdit's comparator and UNIX's "diff", "bdiff" and "sdiff" comparators, all show the lines where there are differences, but none of them show those differences with the clarity and detail that FolderMatch's comparator does.  For instance, the two detail lines at the bottom of FolderMatch's comparator window with highlights of the actual characters that differ in each line are fantastic!  I can tell immediately why the lines are different.  All other comparators force me to view why the program has singled out the lines as different.  And now that the developers  have added a difference navigation window, they've made it even better. In a nutshell, when it comes to comparing either directories or files, I look no further than FolderMatch; it does the job, and it does it very very well!

 Wayne S.

 Thank you for a terrific product.  I had been looking for something to do  two-way synchronisation between my laptop and desktop for some time.  I have tried TrueSync and IntelliSync in the past - both have a terrible interface.  A colleague at work stumbled across FolderMatch and forwarded the reference to me.  Thank goodness he did.  I tried it out yesterday 
evening, and within an hour purchased a license.  It works perfectly in a totally intuitive way - also coping with the fact that one machine is NTFS, the other is FAT32. This morning, the license code was waiting for me in my in-tray - thanks for the very quick response.

Simon F.
Other user feedback:
"Must have file/folder compare/sync utility"   I have looked at many different file/folder compare/sync utilities, both commercial and shareware/freeware. There is nothing that comes close to the thoroughness of FolderMatch. The author accounted for every type of comparison and sync method and coupled it with a very functional interface. 
"I have to travel to international meetings every 6 months or so.  I typically have to take 400 to 500 electronic documents with me.  In the past getting these documents ready and loaded to my Laptop took about 5 or 6 hours of work, and lots of frustration.  Even then I was never absolutely sure I had all the documents I would require.  Now with FolderMatch this job is soooooo easy.  It takes about 20 minutes.  It is a great product, and saves me lots of time.  Also when I return and have new and some revised documents, realigning my database will be so easy.  The product truly is a God Send to me.."
 John Hopkinson
Security Architect

I've looked at a number of utilities which purported to help keep two folders synchronized. Some worked, some didn't, and some were not too friendly. So far my assessment of FolderMatch puts it in the 'just what I need' category
Woody Leonhard
Woodys Window Watch

I simply would like to tell you that FolderMatch is really an oustanding utility. Few software is as usefulf as yours in daily uses.

Daniele Radogna
"One of the best synchronizers available. There are other good ones available but they cost much more and are so much more complex to use. Tons of features! My vote for best bang for the buck." 

"I've looked at dozens of these type of programs. Most are very difficult to figure out or are very inflexible. This program is very attractive and easy to use. Many different ways to compare and sync are offered. I was up and running in a matter of moments. One of the best out there! ...."

both were signed "Anonymous"
They are found on a user review page
"These synchronizations (between my three CD/RW disks) were the reason I sought out and subsequently purchased FolderMatch, but has been used here at work to sync large directories on Novell servers. I recently had the occasion to copy a large number of files from one Novell server to another, and the copy was interrupted in the middle of the operation. I was ready to start the copy afresh, and realized I could use FolderMatch to only copy the ones that weren't already there. It worked fine, and took about half the time a full copy would have taken. Thanks for a great utility. It is truly one of my Essentials now." 
Ray B.
"Until I changed to Win 2000, I was a great fan of Norton Navigator and used the synchronize function at least twice a day since I travel (with zip disks) between my home office and my city office several times a week. I have been trialing all the synchronizing programmes but find none as easy and friendly as FolderMatch. "
Andy L

Thanks for your fast help. The programm is great, i have downloaded many Trial Versions of this Programm Type  FileSync Tools, such as PowerSync Synchronizer and many many more) and tried some out. And I think FolderMatch is the programm with the best surface and the easiest handling ....

Sebastian P.

I just upgraded (for FREE, using advertised rebates) to LapLink Gold. After installing it, I was disappointed to learn it *still* doesn't work as well as FolderMatch. So I bought FolderMatch, too!

Michael S
Thanks for FolderMatch - I have a million files and only slightly fewer computers. FolderMatch keeps me sane and serves as my living backup strategy.
David C.

"Really love what you've done with sub folders in v3!  Great idea, great execution! ...I have to say I'm impressed with your work.  FM is a terrific tool, and a superb piece of Windows design work." 

John M.

Exemplary Service!  Wow.  Absolutely the most helpful response I have ever received to a query.  You folks at SaltyBrine Software are the greatest.

Howard S.
Galapagos,  Ecuador

"This is an incredibly useful tool...easy to use as well. Though its real use is for comparing and synchronizing files and folders, there are all these hidden features that are perfect for a web designer like my self. I think this program ought to come with Windows for all users. The program is attractive as well, a nice touch for an artistic person as myself... ( I also think the price is quite low... who doesn't like that?) I have had contact with the company and have found them to be as incredible as the program... "

Village Web Weaver 
Comment left on SuperShareware Site
"Let me start off by saying how impressed I am with your product.  I just started a new job and needed something to compare and sync thousands of files.  I went out to and looked there and found a ton of products that claimed to do what I needed.  After trying several, I found that most were very hard to use and didn't actually do what I needed.  Then I tried FolderMatch and the day was saved.  Already in the month that I have been at my new position, FolderMatch has saved me countless hours.  Thank you very much!"
Greg S.

"I am quite pleased with the program, especially the checks and double checks to make sure the sync is the way you want." 
David B.
"I have been using [Name Omitted], an award-winning competitor of yours, to backup several important folder trees from my C: drive to my D: drive.  I was very happy with the program.  Just for kicks I decided to compare these same folder trees using FolderMatch.  Imagine my surprise when FolderMatch detected a difference in a sub-sub folder which your competitor had missed.  Boy, am I glad that I used your product!  I would have lost this file had I not.  FolderMatch is now part of my backup strategy..."
Jaco A

I believe in supporting folks who produce quality hardware and software products.  After fighting with LapLink for the past several years, I decided I had to find a better way to keep certain folders sync'd between 
laptop and desktop.  Ten minutes after evaluating FolderMatch last night convinced me you had the answer.
( I tried several other offerings on the web as well).Thanks for producing such a great product.

Jim F.

"II tested the trial only about an hour and felt its really a must-have! I'm a programmer myself, considered several 
times to write something similar, but no time.... It's worth every penny, even at a lousy exchange rate.  Great piece of software!!"

Wolfgang P.
Your utility has become very handy for me. I have a lot of graphics and web files that I work on at home and at work. I'm able to synchronize files on a zip disk, then transport back and forth with ease and confidence that I have everything. I don't know how many times before when I thought I had all the files I needed, only to find out that I missed something. Backup programs are too slow and cumbersome for this purpose, and they don't display the progress as well either. Thanks again for a great utility . . .

Karl S
WAVE Design, Inc.

"I have come to rely on FolderMatch as my primary tool for backing up and synchronizing files. I'm very impressed with its stability and its speed - I discarded Microsoft's Briefcase long ago because of its poor interface and horrible performance. Before I found FolderMatch, I tried numerous tools that fell short of my needs in functionality, performance, stability or usability. 

I find FolderMatch does a much more intelligent job of comparing different revisions of source files than our current SCM tool: PVCS Version Manager 6.7 

Chris T.
Finally I have an affordable tool that meets my needs!"
  Duncan V Essex 
| CTO | Global Services | Commerce One
"FolderMatch is one of my most useful programs; I'm not sure I could live without it...  On a folder and file comparison level, no software out there can beat it!"

"I downloaded a trial of your program today to sync our web servers and I loved it. It was fast and simple and the price just can't be beat. " 

Mark M

 "FolderMatch saves me time and gives me the customizable accuracy I need.  I use it for personal backups and manual server shares replication.  Your product works for me."

Mark Holbrook,
UNIX/NT System Administrator 
CSU Special Projects, Sandia National Laboratories

"Your program is great and worth every penny. It's been quite a while since I loaded a software program that apparently, doesn't contain any bugs--it just does exactly what it was purchased for. My hat goes off to all of the developers involved in this wonderful program!!!Keep up the good work."

Barry B

"I'd like to commend you on an excellent product.  FolderMatch is an extremely useful tool for synchronizing directories over our network" 

Joe S.
"I downloaded FolderMatch and 5 of the competition last night, tried them all today, and FolderMatch is vastly superior...".
Matt G.
"I LOVE your interface, and think it's a great program!!!  I've recommended it to people, and have heard rave reviews about it from others."
Michael  A

I am recommending FolderMatch to the Team here... Many of the programmers are using WinDiff but it will not do nearly as much as FolderMatch. 

Red G.

"I've only used your program for a short while but find it very useful and completely reliable. This is all I want from a utility."
David T
"Great product...I use it to move work between my office and home computers via zip disks." 
Mark B.
"My only wish is I had found your package sooner, I'm finding it extremely useful for backing up key files." 
Keith D
"I'm deeply impressed. I was very comfortable with FolderMatch itself but now I'm very pleased with the company as well."
Enrik B.
Nortel Networks
"What a deal! Somebody up there likes me because DARTCY Productions (Now known as Salty Brine Software) has given us FolderMatch. An immensely powerful program... "
Chris Spera
Wugnet Reviewer

"A very useful file management tool for developers . Use it to backup your site, restore files from backup, detect changes or synchronize your site etc. "
Web Attack
 "FolderMatch is surprisingly fast compared to other sync utilities. Whether you're a programmer or would simply like to update your laptop; FolderMatch is the answer". 
Nick Smith
Rocket Downloads
We have downloaded a trial version of FolderMatch from Tucows and are thrilled  at its performance, ease of use and presentation.
Royanne Nilson
School District of Palm Beach County
I have used FolderMatch for six months now and it has moved from being a useful utility to being indispensable. It is bug free and bomb proof.  Congratulations and thanks.
David T
I am a software developer and am always trying to decide what tools should I build for myself and which should I just buy.  You have a cool tool at a very fair price.  It saved me more than it's price in just a couple of uses. ..
Don W.
I think it is one of the best pieces of software that I have ever run and it is very important to me in managing my files on my network.  Alfred C
The prince of bargains!  Netscape Reviewer...Germany

This program is better than peanut butter  Dan G.

You have a GREAT program here. The interface and the functionality are exceptional. Keep up the great work!!  Jerry

"FolderMatch is an absolutley brilliant product, it has made managing my files a pleasure ..." K Lycett

We think FolderMatch is excellent! Jeremy R.

First, my project manager adores your program -- thanks for a great job! Susan Z.

You have a fantastic, easy to use product.  Mike D.

 This is a *really* useful piece of software!  John P.

Very clear. Very elegant. No way you can make a mistake. David B.

This is a fantastic product!! I'm only one day into my evaluation but right now I plan to register it!     Gregory

The price was right and the software works very well ...  L.B.

Your product has made my job a great deal easier.  Thanks for a fantastic program!  Tony J.

Thanks for all your good work on FolderMatch. It's a great product!   Mark W.

It is a nice piece of work. Good job!       Al C.

...great software! Arsi R. 

It is working great...    Dr. Jack B.

Extremely useful...  Derek H.

Very nice product...  Chris K.

"You are the best. Keep up the good work"   M.G.

I love the product!    John H.

E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T product.  Linda N. 

Download FolderMatch now, use it, and see if it isn't all that we say it is and much more...

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