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What is FolderMatch?
FolderMatch is an award-winning Windows utility which compares and synchronizes two folder trees or two files.  Winner at the Shareware Industry Awards for three consecutive years, SIA nominee for the "Best Overall Application" & nominee for the European Epsilon Award, it is a "must-have" insurance against loss of valuable data. Never again be stuck with out of date data.  Never again lose critical information.  FolderMatch ensures that the appropriate versions of all files are retained.

FolderMatch is a fast and easy way to stay in sync.  Choose from any of eight different ways to compare your files - from the simple date/time method to the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm.  Differences are shown side-by-side in a graphical, easy to understand manner.  Synchronize the files with a button click.  Wizards guide you through the process. 

There are many powerful options to choose from.  Simple enough for a novice to use, yet feature-rich enough for a power user to exploit.  FolderMatch is an ocean where a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe.

Who can benefit from FolderMatch?

Everyone who must maintain multiple copies of files or folders can benefit from FolderMatch.

Do you work on your files at home and at the office?  Are you a frequent business traveler?
With users working at home, on the road or in the office, it's hard to keep all of the PCs current with the latest files and data.  Documents, databases,  spreadsheets, sales and contact information all can get changed several times a day.  How is the work coordinated on all of the various PCs, making sure that all systems contain the most recent versions of all of the files? FolderMatch is a tool that solves this problem.

Are you a computer professional: a Programmer, Tester, Trainer, Network Administrator, or Support Technician?
If so, this utility is a MUST. Whenever there are duplicate copies of files/folders across a network, there is always a risk that they may be out of sync. FolderMatch can eliminate this risk. No more painful inspections for missing files when setting up directories or applying file updates. Creating and comparing test/development folders, applying new program updates/patches, these become more carefully controlled processes by greatly decreasing the risk of human error.  Best of all, FolderMatch's synchronizer is network-friendly.  Only non-matching files are replaced which reduces the load on the network.

Do you make your own CDs?
A common task for people working with CD duplication and replication is the verification that the image mastered is the same as the result of the duplication. A tool which can compare files down to the byte level is required.  FolderMatch offers several byte-level comparison options - from the industry-standard Cyclical Redundancy Check to the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm.  With FolderMatch you can determine if even one byte of data differs!

Are you a pack rat?
Do you have backups of your backups?  Hey, redundancy can be a good thing.  Having a backup copy of a critical file can be a real lifesaver when your hard drive crashes or when your dog uses your floppy disk as a chew toy.  FolderMatch can help you manage all of your backups.

Space Miser?
Hate wasting hard disk space?  People are amazed at how many duplicate files are on their computer and how much valuable disk space they take up.  FolderMatch provides one of the fastest, most full-featured duplicate file finders in the industry. 

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FolderMatch 3.7 feature list

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Comparison features 
  • Compares files or folders (including sub-folders) between floppy drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, zip  drives,  and network drives (UNC paths supported)
  • Supports the following file systems: FAT, VFAT, FAT32, HPFS, NTFS, CDFS, and UDF
  • Offers choice of eight comparison types:  Filename Only, Size Only, Size and Date/Time, Contents, Attributes, Version Stamp,  CRC32, and SHA-1Supports HUGE files (> 4 GB)
  • Compares only files and folders that match Include and Exclude filter pattern lists which you define (wildcards supported)
  • Include/Exlude System and Hidden Files Handles NTFS and FAT timestamp incompatibilities
  • Allows for user-specified number of bytes (chunk size) to be read and compared during a Content, CRC32, or SHA-1 comparison. 
  • Remembers the last 20 folders compared.
  • Shows text differences between two ASCII text files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, RTF documents, or *Adobe PDF documents. (MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe Reader not required)

Synchronization features 
  • Single-click auto synchronization
  • Guides through the process using helpful wizard screens
  • Offers choice of nine preset auto-Synchronization methods, or a user-defined custom method 
  • Supports Copy, Move,Send to the Recycle Bin, and Delete Permanently operations for manual  synchronization 
  • Checks for available disk space before all operations
  • Shows all operations about to be performed and prompts for confirmation
  • Logs synchronization history
  • Allows for the creation of new sub-folders
  • Renames multiple files and folders
  • Synchronizes the dates/times of two files
  • Sets the date/times of multiple files
  • Additional features 
    • Sync your PC's system clock with an atomic time server
    • Includes a full-featured duplicate file finder
    • Displays the binary contents of files using a built-in Hexadecimal (HexDump) viewer
    • Prints the results of the folder comparison in any number of layouts 
    • Saves the results of the folder comparison by printing to a file.
    • Save multiple Session Settings
    • Open and Edit any file from within FolderMatch
    • User-configurable sounds associated with certain events.
    • Conforms with Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 32 & 64 standards
    • Ridiculously simple to use (See what our users have said about us)
    • Amazingly reasonable registration price of  $36*

    * See pricing chart for site license discounts
    Download FolderMatch now, use it, and see if it isn't all that we say it is and much more...

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    Product Info
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    *The PDF to Text converter in FolderMatch is based on the XPDF technology developed by Glyph and Cog (http://www.glyphandcog.com/Xpdf.html) and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
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