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Version Date of Release
3.7.3 07/11/2016
  • FIXED: Mapped drives now appear in Browse for Folders dialog
  • IMPROVED: Additional error details added to drive related functions
  • NEW: Added new SHA-256 code signing certificate to EXE and Install (Addresses IE download and Windows install warnings)
3.7.2 10/14/2014
  • FIXED: Gray box in left comparison results pane removed
3.7.1 07/04/2014
  • FIXED: Fixed bug where only the first 2 GB of HUGE files were copied.
  • IMPROVED: Error handler in copy routine expanded to handle both VB and WinAPI errors
  • IMPROVED:  Confirm Sync Actions window now appears in Windows ALT-TAB windows list
  • CHANGED: Converted Plimus buy now links to Bluesnap
3.7.0 03/10/2013
  • NEW: Added support for text content comparison of DOCX and XLSX formats.
  • IMPROVED: Added better error handling to modAPIReadWriteFile.ReadStringFromFile to handle 'Out of Memory' error.
  • IMPROVED: Added better error handling to Drive class.
  • IMPROVED: Added error description information to folder validation routine.
  • IMPROVED: Now recognizes both Directory Junction Points and Volume Mount Points.
  • IMPROVED: Added error handling for missing MS Scripting Library component
  • FIXED: Confirm Sync window now lists only first 10,000 file operations to correct the load performance problem when the list had many more items.
  • FIXED: Focus was set incorrectly in Comparison Result Panes after a file operation
  • FIXED: All file operations now check for an empty file name selection in the Comparison Result Panes
  • FIXED: Type Mismatch error in writing to and reading from SyncHistory.log file.  frmMain.AutoSync Number 13 Line Number : 1410
  • FIXED: Drive and folder sizes larger than 838.86TB are now supported without Overflow errors arising.
  • FIXED: Fixed blank Create and Last Accessed date/times on Target files problem.
3.6.9 11/11/2011
  • CHANGED: Early Bird Special has been changed to a $24.95 offer good for one week
  • NEW: Added a link to the online video tutorial in to the help file.
  • FIXED: Mapped drives now appear in Browse for Folder window.
3.6.8 09/28/2011
  • CHANGED: Slight 'cost of living' price increase for single user license and upgrade.  (The first  increase since the product was released over ten years ago.)
  • FIXED: Resolved the error message that appears when pressing the Browse For Folder button. ("The DLL Error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"
  • FIXED: Files on network drives were not being deleted
  • FIXED: Invalid Procedure Call error when saving an Exclude list
  • FIXED: Early Bird Discount order process now works properly
  • IMPROVED: File existence check method has been recoded to be faster and less demanding on the file system
  • IMPROVED: Percent copy completion is shown for files larger than 100 MB
  • IMPROVED & FIXED: Character level differences in the file difference viewer are much faster and don't suffer from Out of Memory errors
  • FIXED: Binary comparison results are incorrect when differences lie towards end of file
  • FIXED: Overflow error in CRC32 calculation
  • FIXED: Files larger than 4GB are now synchronized properly
  • FIXED: Incorrect Last Modified Date reported on Compare Folders window
  • FIXED: Content comparison has been fixed and sped up
  • CHANGED: Added an option to allow control of the amount of information shown during a comparison
  • IMPROVED: Reduced memory requirements and improved performance of deep folder tree scans
  • IMPROVED:  Handling of long file/folder paths
  • CHANGED:  Reinstituted the Early Bird Special
  • IMPROVED: Recoded all Copy, Move, Delete routines to handle all Unicode and long file names and to generate more complete error details.
  • FIXED: Error 91 when clicking on Source or Target drop down list
  • FIXED: Crash when clicking on Sync tool bar button before pressing Compare button
  • CHANGED:  Removed third party control SmartUI.ocx.
  • IMPROVED: Synchronization progress has been improved by showing file/folder names being copied/moved/deleted.
  • IMPROVED: Recoded binary content comparison methods (Binary Content, CRC32, SHA1)
  • CHANGED: Removed third party PickDir.dll used for Browse for Folder dialog
  • IMPROVED: HexDump viewer has been sped up and enhanced
  • FIXED: Right scroll bar was partially obscured on some windows
  • UPDATED:  Copyright information on splash and about box graphics
  • IMPROVED: Improved error handling when unicode characters cause errors in multiple file renaming operations
  • IMPROVED: Continued process of converting all under-the-hood routines to support Unicode file/folders.
  • CHANGED: Disabled drag and drop functionality between comparison panes
  • IMPROVED: Optimized CRC32 algorithm used in Duplicate File Finder
  • FIXED: Resolved speed decrease issue from v3.5.x
  • CHANGED: User with administrator privileges will be shown a UAC elevation prompt when launching
  • FolderMatch.  This is done to allow administrator level rights to the file system when using the program.  If user is not an administrator, no prompt will be shown.
  • FIXED: On 64-bit OS, the Windows\System32 folder is being redirected to Windows\SysWOW64 by the Windows
  • file system. So any scans of this folder produce the wrong results. The redirection has been turned off.
  • FIXED: Resolved hash collision situations during folder path indexing
  • Improved Dx error #123 handling in Duplicate File Finder
  • Modified File/Folder Analysis tool to report folders that cause enumeration to abort.
  • Updated web links in Help Menu
  • Cleaned up tooltip text on Duplicate File Finder window
  • Updated SmartUI2.OCX
  • Fixed bug with date/time comparison on Compare Files window
  • Fixed root folder detection in UNC paths
  • Fixed bug where duplicate file was deleted rather than moved on retry
  • Added Numerous changes and fixes to the File/Folder Analysis tool
  • Added INI file support to allow turning off of the hash progress dialog on the Compare Two Files window.
  •  Clarified upgrade message wording for users who have already purchased the upgrade and want to enter in their key.
  • Improved performance when reading file contents.
  • Fixed black radio buttons problem on File Sync Method window.
  • Fixed black radio buttons problem on Mass File Renamer window, "Other" tab.
  • Fixed bug where sounds could not be turned off on Sounds tab of Options window.
  • Fixed bug that happened when Browse button was clicked for an event which had no sound.
  • Changed icon for permission denied folders.
  • Added an "undocumented" means to turn off Hash Calculation Progress in Duplicate File Finder
  • Updated several OCX/DLLs with the latest Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 Runtime Extended Files
  • Changed initial folder used for Loading/Saving Session Settings to the application data folder.
  • Removed the Microsoft Scripting Library v5.6 installation from our install.
  • Added a secondary folder permission checking method to ensure valid result
  • Added additional error handling for folder permission errors
  • Modified folder enumeration routine to allow paths longer than 260 characters in length to be scanned
  • Modified folder enumeration routine to allow UNICODE path names
  • Improved folder enumeration routine performance by 200-300%!
  • Fixed bug where folders whose names began with a dot character were not being processed
  • Fixed bug where Ignore Daylight Savings Time (DST) setting was not working when DST ended
  • More gracefully handle Error 161 in CompareDirs() with UNC paths.
  • Corrected DLL error problem with UNC folder paths
  • Corrected missing folders problem in XP/Vista
  • Resolved error messages in cSBSFolder.Size with Junction Points
  • Resolved delete problem with the Send To Recycle Bin functionality not working
  • Corrected error in Mass File Renamer where the Auto-numbering Length value was not being enforced.
  • Added Regular Expression Search and Replace to Mass File Renamer
  • Mass File Renamer can now be run independently of the comparison results to rename files in ANY folder.
  • Enhanced error handling to provide more information for errors occurring in Folder class.
  • Numerous performance improvements
  • Added mscomctl.ocx to installation package
  • Added option to turn off the folder permission check before comparison
  • Resolved 'Invalid Property Value' error when cancelling a binary comparison
  • Resolved some "Object is Nothing' type errors in the cSBSFolder class
  • Improved error handling of 'Permission Denied' errors in cDir class
  • Fixed 'Up to Parent Folder' problem with UNC paths
  • Fixed drag and drop problem on the View Sub-folder Differences window
  • Fixed column size problem on the Comparison Results Summary window
  • Added a status bar to the Comparison Results Summary window to show the complete folder path
  • Fixed problem where Sync Method window was not accessible when main window was minimized during comparison
  • Switched from ANSI to Unicode version of GetFileAttributes API function in the FolderExists routine to help with non-English folder names
  • Numerous improvements for Vista-readiness
  • Added support for Junction Points and Reparse Points (XP-Vista)
  • New toolbar icons
  • Replaced all COMCTL32 controls with new MSCOMCT32 versions
  •  Browse For Folder window now supports new features such as "New Folder"
  •  New installer being used to install program.
  •  Installer now installs Windows Scripting library using Microsoft's own installers
  • Corrected wrong resource string on Mass File Renamer window "Starts With" label.
  •  Various improvements to folder existence checking routine.
  •  Updated system DLLs installed by installer
  •  Fixed problem of Confirm Sync window not fitting properly on some screens.
  •  Ignore Daylight Savings time setting now defaults to True
  •  Check System Clock at Startup setting now defaults to False
  •  Corrected some MS Office document text differencing issues with new doctxt.dll
  •  Fixed folder drop down list width off screen at startup issue  
  •  Added TrialPay payment option
  •  Added additional error handling to some code routines
  • Added the ability to view text differences between Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.
  • Changed the default contents comparison method in Duplicate File finder to CRC32
  • Duplicated File Finder window is now resizable
  • Maintain Folder Lists window now allows folders to be moved around within the list
  • Registration information can now be verified without requiring access to the System Registry.
  • Added the ability to view text differences between Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents.
  • Fixed problem with folder existence test failure when file with same name exists.
  • Fixed invalid "Unable to Launch MS Word" error when viewing MS Word document differences.
  • Fixed incorrect sub folder size bug when size was greater than 2GB.
  • Fixed problem with menus remaining disabled after folder comparison results Export process is cancelled.
  • Fixed run-time error 364 when printing file differences on a system with no printers
  • Fixed bug where some subfolder sizes were being incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed run-time error that occured when user cancelled out of Change Font dialog.  (Options window/Appearance tab)
  •  Main window small icon toolbar now has tooltip text
  • Resolved problem where removeable drives could not be removed after running a compare/sync on them.
  • Resolved problem with files being locked after folder comparison using Binary Contents, CRC, SHA1 comparison methods
  • Enhanced the error handling during program initialization.
  • Fixed problem with MD5 and SHA file hashing routines where the files where being locked and not released.
  • Version number now automatically displays on splash screen.
  • MS Word document comparison now recognizes text in headers and text boxes
  • Replaced CRC hash algorithm with more reliable and stronger MD5 hash in Compare Files window
  • Resolved CRC crash in Duplicate File Finder
  • Fixed crash when using CRC comparison method
  • Fixed Overflow errors when using binary comparison methods with large files (> 2 GIGS)
  • Added the ability to Export comparison results to comma delimited file.
  • Resolved HASHA.DLL loading problem that occurred on Win95/98/ME
  • Fixed defect with hash algorithms (CRC, MD5, SHA) of HUGE files
  • Improved comparison results summary chart
  • Added error detail logging to duplicate file removal process
  • Fixed file size error with large files (> 1 GB)
  • Atomic Clock Sync Options menu no longer auto opens  window when mouse hovers over it
  • "Access To Registry Denied" error is now handled more gracefully
  • Various tweaks to user interface screens for localization purposes
  • Fixed a bug where folder names containing Chinese characters were being slightly altered
  • Recoded ProperCase routine to be fully Unicode compliant
  • Added a MS Word Document converter DLL so that we don't need to invoke MS Word to compare two documents.
  • Date/Times on Mass Renamer window are now formatted using Regional Option settings.
  • Added Include filter capabilities to the Dupe File Finder tool.
  • File Sizes throughout FolderMatch are now formatted using Regional Option settings. Improved the speed of hash calculations (CRC, MD5, SHA-1) Resolved problem where a valid registration name/key was failing in some European locales. First time user is offered opportunity to view online demo at startup
  • Fixed bug where FileName only comparison method change was not being accepted
  • Corrected missing resource string (391) error when loading session settings
  • Compacted folder paths to fit on several windows using ellipses 
  • Fixed defect in Dupe Finder where a file exclusion that contained a ? wildcard character was not being properly interpreted.
  • Fixed print dialog defect where default printer was not pre-selected from list of available printers
  • Added functionality where the PC's system clock is checked for accuracy on startup of FolderMatch
  • Added the ability to edit the list of time servers used to sync the system clock
  • Improved error handling during a binary comparison (Content, SHA, CRC)
  • Increased the number of duplicate groups that can be displayed in the Dupe Finder from 32,767 to 65,535
  • Increased the perceived loading speed of the duplicate groups list
  • Browse for Folders dialog in Dupe finder now opens to the last path searched for dupes
  • Corrected Overflow error in Atomic Time Sync
  • Added ability to adjust for network transmission delays in Atomic Time Sync
  • Added ability to adjust the connection to time server time out value in Atomic Time Sync
  • Added ability to get Atomic time using HTTP protocol
  • Time Sync window now receives and sends TIMECHANGED operating system messages.
  • File Renamer can now strip characters from file names and extensions
  • Fixed defect that occurred when exploring a subfolder whose name contained a comma in it
  • Added another folder comparison method - File Name Only
  • Added an option to turn off disk space checking before sync actions
  • Added a confirmation dialog before removing marked duplicate files
  • Fixed Overflow error when marking files for removal in Dupe Finder
  • Shortcut keys added for Save/Load Sessions Settings menu options
  • Corrected File Not Found error with long file paths
  • Fixed Overflow error when printing large file diff reports
  • Added the ability to compare folders using file size only
  • Fixed defect where file and folder sizes where displaying incorrectly in status bar
  • Added difference detail options (Character, Word, and Line) to the View File Differences feature
  • Added a Show Line Numbers option to the View File Differences feature
  • Mass File Renamer now shows error messages on failures.
  • Fixed defect in WinXP where duplicates search was including files in the Recycle Bin
  • Fixed crash that occurred during multiple Dupe searches based on file content
  • Various improvements to the Duplicate File finder interface
  • Removed the Attributes option from the Duplicate File Finder search
  • Improved the error handling in the Duplicate File Finder
  • Duplicate search results can now be exported to a file
  • Fixed error that occurred renaming multiple folders.
  • Fixed error that occurred in Duplicate File Finder when folder contained no files.
  • Added a Mark for Removal wizard to the Duplicate File Finder for faster removal of dupes.
  • Command Line support added.  Two folders or two files can be passed to FolderMatch and automatically compared.
  • Fixed defect where Exclude filters where being saved as the Include filters.
  • Added Enter Registration Key to Help menu.
  • Added two more predefined bi-directional sync methods: Add Orphans To Both Folders, Replace Older Files in Both Folders
  • Added a new utility to correct the PC's system clock using an atomic time server
  • Fixed defect where only the first 255 bytes of an INI file line are read.
  •  Added copy confirmation to the Sync Two Files window.
  •  New WINXCOM.DLL which implements a true 'Ignore Whitespace' functionality.
  •  Made speed improvements in the File Difference viewer - line diffs area.
  •  Line Diffs area of the File Difference viewer now wraps long lines.
  • Sped up the loading of the several windows using the LockWindowUpdate API
  • Fixed problem with Paused text when the main windows was resized.
  • Fixed problem with toolbar image alignments when viewed in a Large Font display.
  • Fixed Application Error occurring on a few users' systems.
  • Changed where registration information is stored to allow multiple users to use FC on one machine.
  • Added an option to the Mass File Renamer that allows generated number sequences to be added to file names.
  • Fixed Tooltip text of small toolbar buttons.
  • Darkened purple and orange colors on View File Differences window to improve visibility on laptops.
  • Darkened direction arrows on the synchronization method graphics to improve visibility on laptops.
  • Added 'Save As' option to allow choices of text format when converting Word Documents.
3.3.3 8/21/02
  • Improved memory cleanup routine in Duplicate File Finder feature.
  • Changed System Registry location to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE so that one reg code works for all users on that machine.
  • Added register nag screen to Duplicate File Finder feature.
  • Enhanced the Mass File Date/Time editor.  Now, all three file dates can be set - Created, Last Modified, and Last Accessed.
  • The differences between two Microsoft Word documents can now be viewed.
  • Ignore options selected on View File Differences window were not being reflected in the Main window's option menu.  Fixed.
  • Added Find Duplicate File feature
  • HexDump viewer added
  • Fixed "Invalid Procedure Call" error in PopulateDirComboBoxesFromIniFile routine.
  • Fixed defect where the subfolder Include/Exclude filters were not working.
  • Sped up LocalFileTimeToVBTime() routine and added some debug code to report information if an Overflow error occurs.
  • Sped up the loading of several windows by using the LockWindowUpdate() API.
  • ASCII percentage is shown if file differences can not be displayed because files are not pure ASCII text.
  • Fixed Defect where end of line characters were not being recognized by the File Difference Viewer.
  • Fixed WinXP defect with Min/Max/Restore buttons not working.  This required the removal of the titlebar gradient fill.
  • Enhanced File Difference viewer
  • Removed Unix file difference option
  • Added STAMIN32.DLL to the application which provides some some third-party Assembly Language routines used in various ways within the program to speed up code execution.
  • Fixed Defect where modal windows were causing FolderMatch to not appear in Alt-Tab task list.
  • Removed Exit confirmation when X button is selected from Control Menu.
  • Added ability to Maximize the Sub Folder Differences window.
  • Added ability to quickly add a file type to the Include/Exclude filter by right-clicking on a file of that type.
  • Other assorted performance enhancements made.
  • Binary Contents comparison method in File Compare Window was failing when file sizes were different.  This defect has been fixed. (v3.2.2 patch)
  • Enhanced the error handling code to return more info when a corrupt file is encountered in a subfolder. (v3.2.2 patch)
  • FolderMatch is now less likely to appear as if it is "not responding" during Sync
  • Made registration code verification procedure less sensitive to leading/trailing spaces
  • Fixed an error in the error handling routine so that we don't get errors with number 0
  • New Winxscom DLL
  • Fixed crash with Show Next Selected Item (Run-time error '91')

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