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In the mobile information society that we now find ourselves in, you should be able to access your personal files, data and e-mail from the device at hand - anywhere at anytime. Not only should you be able to read the data, but also change it, and have changes updated on all your appliances. From your mobile device to the networked device, everything should be collected, processed and sent on the fly without complications. As an example, e-mail read on your handheld computer should automatically be shown as a read e-mail on your desktop. 

Until now, the progress of mobile data synchronization has mostly been determined by restrictions. Data synchronization has been based on a set of different, proprietary protocols, each functioning only with a very limited number of devices, systems and data types. These non-interoperable technologies have complicated the tasks of users, manufacturers, service providers, and developers. Further, a proliferation of different, proprietary data synchronization protocols has placed barriers to the extended use of mobile devices, has restricted data access and delivery and limited the mobility of the users. 

Therefore, several world leaders in communication and computing have joined forces to make a new synchronization protocol that makes it possible to get ubiquitous access to updated information with any application. 

The result is the cross-industry initiative SyncML.

SyncML is the common language for synchronizing all devices and applications over any network. SyncML leverages Extensible Markup Language (XML), making SyncML a truly future-proof platform. With SyncML, networked information can be synchronized with any mobile device, and mobile information can be synchronized with any networked applications. With SyncML any personal information, such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contact information and other relevant data, will be consistent, accessible and up to date, no matter where the information is stored. For example, a calendar entry made to a mobile device on a business trip is equally available to a secretary in the network calendar. SyncML is the ultimate choice for remote synchronization. SyncML is designed especially with the wireless world's tight requirements in the mind. SyncML minimizes the use of bandwidth and can deal with special challenges of wireless synchronization like relatively low reliability of the connection and high network latency. In addition to that SyncML enables synchronization over fixed networks, infrared, cable, or Bluetooth. As an open, future-proof standard, SyncML is the synchronization choice for any device or application of the Mobile Information Society!

We at Salty Brine Software fully support the SyncML initiative. In the future we will be looking for ways to incorporate this new protocol to keep FolderMatch on the leading edge of technology!
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