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FolderMatch has been reviewed by most of the major computer software reviewing organizations.   Without exception, the reviews have all been enthusiastic endorsements! Here are excerpts from some of the reviews*:

FolderMatch is a particularly useful application to have. You can simply want only the basic options of finding out which files are duplicates, or you can take the process a step further by fine-tuning the many additional options available in the very user-friendly interface, such as comparing two files, renaming multiple files or folders, setting the dates and times of multiple files, viewing hex dumps, and even synchronizing your system clock to keep your files consistent.


Probably the best feature of FolderMatch is how fast it will process large amounts of files. I had dozens of gigabytes of just small files ranging from only 5KB up to 100KB, and FolderMatch did an excellent job of getting the required information, indexing it, and presenting it to me in a simple format which gave me choices of what to do next with the information.

For anyone who has a large amount of files and are trying to find a program to contain the redundancy of those files, FolderMatch should be on the top of your list. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those who purchase hard drives, just need to clean them and delete the duplicate files, without ever needing to purchase a hard drive in the first place.

FolderMatch is especially a great asset for photographers. Photographers have thousands of images on their drives, and very frequently edit those images. Well, what happens if you edit an image and don't rename it? This has happened to me personally, and it becomes a nightmare to find which image was the original or even if the original was deleted. Foldermatch can tell you the differences of a file down to the byte. When you include MD5 and SHA-1 for verifying the originality of the files, you can be certain you will know if a file is identical or not.

Digital Dingus Review of FolderMatch
Boasting a good feature set for comparing, synchronizing, and backing up files or folders, FolderMatch is a quick and handy solution that can help you organize your computer. The program displays two folders at a time in its straightforward interface, which identifies files as newer, older, or identical. You'll find several file-management options here, including options for leaving it as is, copying them to the other folder, replacing them, or deleting them. In addition, FolderMatch offers a full set of synchronization options, including the ability to mirror, archive, or synchronize folders. We also found the file-comparison feature convenient, as FolderMatch shows differences either side-by-side with or exported to MS Word. The Duplicate Search feature is another nice touch, letting you quickly reduce the size of your backup folders even when comparing file contents....

Reviews of Excellent Software by Dr. File Finder.FolderMatch won the Shareware Industry Award in the "Best Overall Utility" category . It provides a really quick and easy way to synchronize files and folders on your computer(s). And there are lots of options for keeping things just the way you want them. I personally use it all the time to keep certain folders on multiple computers up-to-date. Here's an example. Two computers and we'll call them Computer 1 and Computer 2. People work on documents on both computers and each computer has a "My Documents" folder. I want documents written on either computer to be available on both. Using FolderMatch, I have it compare the two My Documents folders. The program shows me the listing for Computer 1 on the left side of the screen, and the list for Computer 2 on the right. This display shows what's the same and what's different. 

From there, I can select to have files transfer in both directions .. putting files from Computer 1 on Computer 2 and vice versa. When I'm done, the My Documents folders on both computers have all the same files! Very slick! And FolderMatch can compare files in a variety of ways. The simplest way is to look at the file size and date, but there are also advanced methods that I won't go into here. If you have more than one computer, whether they're desktops or laptops, or both, you can easily keep them synchronized. 

FolderMatch, by Salty Brine Software, is both powerful and easy-to-use. And it's wonderful for keeping files and folders in sync. So, if you have more than one computer, check it out! I think you'll find it as useful as I do! 

                              Michael E. Callahan*
Simtel - Reviews of Excellent Software

 *Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name "Dr. File Finder", is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 190,000 software and hardware products. He is an active member of the shareware community and a co-founder of the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation. Mr. Callahan is an honorary member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP), the President of the Educational Software Cooperative (ESC), and the chairman of the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation (SIAF). Dr. File Finder™ is also a recipient of the 1993 Shareware Industry Award for lifetime achievement and has been inducted into the ASP Hall of Fame. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies.

I've looked at a number of utilities which purported to help keep two folders synchronized. Some worked, some didn't, and some were not too friendly. So far my assessment of FolderMatch puts it in the 'just what I need' category.

For example, I keep a copy of my Outlook Express data folder on my portable hard drive (more on this drive in the future). As this contains some 150M of stored information I don't want to copy the whole folder to the portable drive each time I leave town. FolderMatch enables me to just copy across the items which have changed.

With seven different copying alternatives, as well as the ability to customize alternatives, I agree with the comment on the site which says "FolderMatch is an ocean where a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe". At a single use price of US$35 - multiples cheaper - it looks a good choice.

Woody's Windows Watch
 Vol. 4  No. 14

FolderMatch is a powerful utility for ensuring that all of your folders and files are up to date. This user-friendly program lets you quickly compare and synchronize any data across local, network and removable drives. Folder Match features a well designed interface that provides simultaneous views of two folder trees. After selecting the directories, the program instantly displays all file contents to point out missing data. The Compare dialog features a graph and table, indicating the number of newer, older and orphaned files. You can then synchronize entire directories or copy selected files to a target folder.

FolderMatch is even more impressive when processing individual files. You can right click any item to copy, move, rename or delete it, or open the file in its native application. You can apply more powerful options, such the ability to use filters or fix the date and time of a file. Even better, FolderMatch offers five ways to compare two files on different directories. You'll be able to compare size, date/time, binary contents, CRC32 and SHA-1 values.

FolderMatch is surprisingly fast compared to other sync utilities. Whether you're a programmer or would simply like to update your laptop; FolderMatch is the answer. This shareware version is fully functional, but expires after 30 days. 

Rocket download 5 Smiley Rating

"FolderMatch performs all the standard file and folder maintenance functions with the added benefit of automatic content synchronization of two folders. It has quick view/hide of newer folder, older folders, and subfolders.  This is a great way to organize folders. It supports simple point and click operation. 
A mass file re-namer and a date/time stamper are included in this remarkably easy-to-use program. 

Tucows 5 Cow Rating

FolderMatch is an excellent file utility for comparing not only the differences between two files but also between two folders in fast and very, very easy steps. This is extremely useful for managing your files and checking for duplicates. If differences do exist you can synchronize files/folders simply by clicking a button. In addition, the interface is well designed and easy to use. Perfect for networks as well as individual PCs and extremely useful for making backups.
Yippee 5 Beachball rating

"... This powerful utility is very easy to use and offers a great deal of control over the comparison and synchronization process. It provides a recursive side-by-side comparison of the folders, clearly indicating any differences found. You can choose between a simple size/date comparison or a more thorough binary comparison. You can load files into their associated programs to view, and edit, move, copy, and delete individual files by accessing the extensive context menu. You can just as easily compare individual files. FolderMatch employs line numbers and highlighting to clearly illustrate any and all differences found in individual files. Other features include print support, file filters, drag and drop support, batch file renaming, and several file selection/display options. With a single mouse click, you can automatically synchronize the contents of the folders to reflect the newest versions of each file. 
Excellent documentation is available".
ZD Net  5 Star Rating

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